Rental conditions

The information described on this page is general for all of our rental boats and must be read carefully before requesting a booking. It is the responsibility of the borrower to comply with the current rules for renting a boat at Kalhøj Boatcharter.


The reservation becomes binding upon timely payment of the deposit – usually within 8 days of the reservation. Deposit is 25% of the boat rental – the payment is due 4 weeks before rental start. The rental agreement is only binding for Kalhøj Boatcharter if the payment deadlines stated are met. If a boat is booked later than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, the entire rental amount must be paid at the same time as the contract is returned. The amounts paid are forfeited in the event of cancellation and in violation of the payment terms, unless the reason falls within the scope of a travel insurance policy. If the tenant cancels a started lease, no part of the rental amount will be refunded unless the reason falls within the scope of a travel insurance policy.


Boat prices cover one week’s boat rental – with room for a maximum specified number of people. Kalhøj Boatcharter makes reservations for typos.

Takeover usually takes place from 14.00 to 16.00. Delivery is at 10am with return to the harbor the night before. The times are stated in the order confirmation. In case of late return, the tenant understands that double rent is charged for every 24 hours started. If the renter leaves the boat in another port without acceptance from Kalhøj Boatcharter, the renter must reimburse Kalhøj Boatcharter the costs of having the vessel brought to the agreed port of departure. The period between delivery of the boat to the new tenants must take over, is reserved for cleaning, overhaul and possible repairs etc. Upon take over of the boat, the tenant will be provided with a list of equipment, which must be thoroughly reviewed – also to know where the tenant finds things on board. Should there be any defects or similar, please notify before the completion of the instruction. Review of instruction forms part of the rental period.

For all changes in the lease (however no later than 4 weeks before arrival) a fee of DKK 500 will be added to cover the costs Kalhøj Boatcharter incurs in connection with the change. Changes made later than 4 weeks prior to arrival are considered cancellation and new reservation is required.

Kalhøj Boatcharter confirms that the boat is fully insured in accordance with the contract terms. The insurance company is informed that the boat is chartered and if required, extra premium is paid. The persons on board and their private belongings are not covered by the boat’s insurance. The guarantee is an amount equal to the deductible on the boat’s insurance and is paid locally on handover in cash, and the amount is repaid after timely return to the port and after damage-free sailing. When sailing in Sweden / Norway double gaurantee is paid. The value of any damage to or missing from the boat or its equipment will be offset against the security deposit before it is repaid. If the boat has been hit, grounded, collision or accident, nothing will be refunded until the damage has been inspected and assessed. In the event of a grounding, collision or major accident on the boat, it is the tenant’s duty to inform Kalhøj Boatcharter and relevant authorities. The tenant is liable for the damage during the rental period also for damage caused by a third person, in the event of a collision, fire, theft, vandalism etc. even if the tenant is not directly responsible for the incident. The renter is also liable for damage done during the rental period, although he was not on board.

Kalhøj Boatcharter has no responsibility for errors and omissions in the accompanying maps and manuals, and the tenant may not make any corrections thereto.

The boat is delivered cleanly and with filled water and diesel tanks and must be returned cleaned up, with cleaned cookware and stove and emptied of waste. The boat is delivered with refilled water and diesel tanks. The boat is delivered with gas – if the gas cylinder is empty, it is the tenant’s responsibility to buy and install a new gas cylinder. A fee of DKK 2500 is charged for cleaning of the toilet or toilet drain. If there are any marks from shoes on the deck, Kalhøj Boatcharter reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee.

8. PETS:
Pets on board are not allowed.

Minimum age is 21 years. Authorities require the skipper to have sailing skills and sailing certificates. At least 7 days prior to the sailing vacation, a copy of the sailing certificate must be sent to Kalhøj Boatcharter together with the completed crew list as well as the sailing experience CV. In the event of general incompetence, Kalhøj Boatcharter reserves the right to reject the tenant or cancel the agreement.

It is the tenant’s obligation: a) to notify Kalhøj Boatcharter in case of late arrival / delivery in accordance with the times stated on the order confirmation; b) to abide by the rules and instructions given by Kalhøj Boatcharter and the local authorities; c) to notify Kalhøj Boatcharter immediately in the event of grounding or accident. Night sailing is usually not allowed. During the rental period, tenants are always welcome to contact Kalhøj Boatcharter for any assistance as well as advice and hints. IMPORTANT: If the tenant finds defects, damage or defects in the boat or its equipment, Kalhøj Boatcharter or its local representative must be informed immediately so that remediation and repair can be done on site. Damage repair may only take place with the consent of Kalhøj Boatcharter’s or its representatives. If the boat ordered for technical reasons / damage should not be available, Kalhøj Boatcharter will try to make available another boat of similar standard and size.

If Kalhøj Boatcharter cannot, for unpredictable reasons (eg occurred in the previous rental period) make the rented sailboat available, Kalhøj Boatcharter is entitled to make another boat of the same size and number of berths available to the renter, alternatively to refund the rental amount. However, the tenant cannot claim a refund. Possibly. refund will be in proportion to the number of days the boat is not available. If Kalhøj Boatcharter cannot timely or only partially rectify any damages caused by a prior tenant, the tenant can only claim the contract canceled or price reduction if the boat is damaged in terms of its seaworthiness.

If the renter has complaints about the boat, these must be notified in writing to Kalhøj Boatcharter at the latest in connection with the return. If the boat is returned without written complaint, the tenant is not entitled to later claim, and Kalhøj Boatcharter can reject the complaint without any justification.

Kalhøj Boatcharter has no responsibility to any persons on board should they be harmed or suffer damage for whatever reason. The boat must not be used for racing or unlawful purposes.

We point out that travelling as well as staying on and sailing with the boats is the tenants own responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for local wind and weather conditions, force majeure or force majeure similar conditions or other conditions over which we are not in control.

Upon review of the boat on arrival, tenants will be able to obtain information with practical information about the port in which the boat is located, who is receiving the tenant as well as relevant phone numbers and tour suggestions.

Any dispute arising from this lease must be settled by Danish law and the Danish legal system.